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October 2013

CUAnalyzer is FREE

Unlimited FREE Access to CUAnalyzer
Saves You Time and Resources!

When was the last time you could pull information for your board report together with a few clicks of the mouse? Impossible you say? Absolutely possible when you log into Callahan's CUAnalyzer!

CUAnalyzer is that simple! It's easy to navigate, create and export financials, charts, graphs, and more into excel or power point reports to share with your board and staff during planning meetings.

As a PCUA member credit union, you receive free, unlimited, 24/7 access to the system. Don't let 2014 arrive without taking a look at how Callahan's CUAnalyzer can help get you there! Log in credentials are required. Contact your Association Account Executive for more details or to retrieve log-in information.

Who wants FREE Consulting?

Q: We've heard there is free consulting assistance available to credit unions through the NCUA Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives (OSCUI). What’s the program called?

A: Yes there is! The program is called the Small Credit Union Program Consulting Service. The assistance is delivered by NCUA's Economic Development Specialists (EDS) who help with a wide variety of needs from operational to strategic planning.

Assistance is available for policy development, budgeting, regulatory compliance, staff and volunteer training and internal controls, and more. The EDS staff also can help credit unions with Net worth Restoration Plan and business plan development.

Q: Is the Small Credit Union Program Consulting Program available to any credit union?

A: The eligibility requirement is pretty straight forward.  If a credit union possesses any one of the following characteristics, it is eligible for the program: 

  • low income designation
  • less than $50 million in assets
  • a group that wants to charter a credit union or
  • a newly chartered credit union that is less than 10 years old

Apply Today! Applications for enrollment will be accepted through November 30, with notifications going out in December.  Talk with your NCUA examiner about the application process. Download application here.

How About FREE Webinar & Video Training?

The NCUA Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives maintains an ongoing schedule of training webinars and training videos offered free of charge. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Credit unions have access to the presentation, speaker slides/presentation material as well as an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the training.

The latest webinar topic, for example, is “Budget Preparation” presented by an NCUA Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives, Economic Development Specialist. Also offered are 6 new training video modules on supervisory committee duties, such as, monitoring management activities; annual audit; verification of member accounts; handling member complaints and a review of resources available to committee members.

For information on available webinars or training videos, click here to visit the OSCUI video and webinars homepage.

CU PolicyPro Policy 1205: Board of Director Duties

This new Board of Directors Duties policy was created based on numerous requests from credit unions because of the increasing examination focus and scrutiny on credit union board members and their fiduciary duties.

This new policy, which is based largely on guidance offered from NCUA regulation and letters to credit unions, covers major areas of director duties such as a director’s fiduciary and good faith performance obligations and credit union risk management.

For information about this policy or other changes to CU PolicyPro policies, contact the Association’s compliance department at 800-932-0661, Option #3.

It's EASY to Offer Your Members Gift & Travel Cards this Holiday Season!

With the holidays right around the corner, your branches will experience an increase in traffic with members planning holiday travel and looking for easy-to-purchase gifts. Prepaid cards make gift-buying easy and travel spending more secure.

In as little as two weeks, your credit union can offer prepaid gift and travel cards. These cards have a low purchase cost, activation is done through a secure Internet connection, and your credit union has the ability to set the price for members. All liability is carried by LSC (formerly the Illinois Credit Union League Service Corporation).

It's not too late to have the cards available for the holidays. Your members will appreciate the convenience and affordability the cards offer — and it's one less trip to the mall. Find out more about LSC's prepaid cards. See the prepaid card gallery with more than 60 designs.

Contact Chantel Hassinger at 800.932.0661, ext.5263 to order your holiday supply today!

Membership Benefits Report

Show your members what CU membership is worth.

A Membership Benefits Report from CUNA shows how much money your credit union puts in members' pockets. Use your report to:

  • Cement current member relationships
  • Attract new members
  • Show policy makers the credit union difference
  • Enhance advertising, promotions and public relation efforts

The report costs only $100 for credit unions with $50 million or less in assets. It's available by writing Jeanne Sheahan at or calling her at (800) 356-9655, ext. 4226.

2014 PCUA Awards & Scholarships

Did you know the Association offers a variety of awards and scholarships each year to recognize deserving individuals and credit unions for their work in the credit union movement.

The deadline to apply for any one of the eleven awards/scholarships is December 31 (with the exception of Kanjorski Advocacy Scholarship which has a Nov. 15 deadline.)

Visit, navigate to the education page and select the Awards & Scholarships link on the left hand side.


Take-Away Ideas from recent Marketing Workshop:

The Association, in partnership with the MD/DC Credit Union Association, recently held a joint marketing workshop: idea soup for the marketer's soul. The two day conference offered attendees a mix of consumer trends, social media tactics, innovation and more.

Take-aways included some simple ideas:

  • Spend traditional marketing dollars differently—for the good of the community; then let your community do the "marketing for you!"
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is most effective marketing tactic there is
  • Focus on purpose first; profitability will follow: example—Nike honors athletes, they don't sell shoes
  • Great companies focus internally first—internal advocacy resonates outward to members
  • People are not loyal companies, but to the people to work there

Marketing Tips are provided by Sandi Carangi, Director, Credit Union Marketing Services. She can be reached at 717.215.6951 or by email at

Pennsylvania Credit Union Association/Pacul Services, Inc.

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