Building Business Through
Community Connections

FREE Partner Showcase Webinar featuring
CRIF Lending Solutions
October 17, 10:30 a.m.

Free CRIF Lending Solutions WebinarProviding point of sale financing to local retailers is a great way for credit unions to tap into a new source of revenue and develop profitable loan relationships. Members get financing when they need it. Merchants and service providers get higher customer conversions with the benefits of a local lender. And you reach new loan customers. Everyone wins!

Despite the many benefits of a merchant lending program, some institutions can find it difficult to know how and where to get started with getting retailers signed up and onboard. “We’ve seen steady increases year over year in our merchant lending program,” says Caite Blount, Texas Dow Employees Credit Union. “Our point-of-sale financing portfolio produces good yields and gives us greater brand awareness in the community.”

Learn how to build business through community connections by offering merchant lending. We’re always looking for ways to help credit unions increase membership, increase loan volume and serve your communities. This webinar will explore how a merchant lending program can

  • Benefit your members
  • Ensure the success of your small business loan customers
  • Help your credit union grow membership and loans at a higher yield
  • Support your local community

A demonstration of the technology behind merchant lending will be provided.

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