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Cultivate for Growth

Co-sponsored by the Maryland & District of Columbia Credit Union Association and Pennsylvania Credit Union Association, this conference is designed to inspire your innovative marketing and lending cultivators. Just as in harvesting a fruitful garden, success is dependent on the work and effort you put into it. Reaping an abundant harvest is the result of preparing the soil, sowing the seeds and nurturing your sprouts. Join us in Malvern to learn how you can cultivate marketing and lending growth at your credit union so that all—staff, volunteers, members and you—will soon be enjoying the fruits of your labors.


Keynote Speaker: James R. Lay
CEO, CU Grow
Innovate to CU Grow

When you hear, "we need to innovate," it is often followed by "we need to think outside the box." However, there is a failed philosophy with this logic because when we think outside the box, the box still exists. To truly innovate and grow we must not only think outside the box, but destroy the box. Attend this interactive session for thoughts, ideas and ways you can destroy the box at your credit union in order to drive innovation and collaboration no matter what role you play.

Innovation and collaboration can happen throughout the credit union from the front line and loan officer's desk to the executive office and boardroom. The ideas you take back from this interactive session will challenge you to destroy the box and embrace the fear of doing things differently. You will learn to:

  • Understand why innovation and change is important to the future of your success
  • Explore ways to drive innovation and collaboration at your credit union
  • Embrace the fear that comes from change and innovation

John Baptista, Jr., Co-Owner, Impact Training & Consulting
Build Member Relationships From A Credit Report

Building financial relationships is just another name for cross-selling. It is the process of matching the correct product or service to the right member. It is understanding when and when not to cross-sell. This presentation provides participants with an understanding of the most critical tool in this process. That one tool is a credit report.

Without question, the majority of employees feel uncomfortable selling. Why is this? This program will answer that critical question. Done right, building member relationships is a fun and rewarding experience. It builds upon the credit union motto of People Helping People. That's what this program is about, helping your member.

You will learn the one fundamental solution to overcome the most common fear and how a credit report helps in this process. By doing so, you will build stronger member relationships. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Why is it important to build banking relationships?
  • Understanding why people feel uncomfortable with this process
  • Understanding a credit report
  • Looking for opportunities—the key for success
  • When to cross-sell and when not to cross-sell
  • Putting the jigsaw puzzle together

Read on to learn more about our nationally-recognized speakers, including the ever-popular Julie Ferguson (JRF Consulting Services), Robert Rutkowski, Robert Israelite (CUNA Mutual Group), David Steel and Steve Miller.

Keynote James R Lay sponsored in partnership with Pacul Services, Inc. and CUNA Mutual Group Keynote James R Lay sponsored in partnership with Pacul Services, Inc. and CUNA Mutual Group