Welcome PALCO FCU and Central Susquehanna Community FCU!

In November we will be welcoming PALCO FCU, Muncy, PA, and Central Susquehanna Community FCU, Danville, PA, to the network as issuer and acquirers.  We will send out a notification when they both go live.

For your convenience, click on an updated PaCUSC Contact Listing below:

Check Coded Properly? Can I get cash back with that?

When a member comes into your office to deposit a check into their account, you know the item must be coded properly so the member’s credit union can properly hold the funds or not.  To help the member’s credit union with this process, CO-OP Shared Branching has outlined what should be coded as” immediate”; otherwise, if the item does not fall into this listing it should be coded as local.

Here is a listing of the items that should be coded as immediate:

  • Cash
  • US Treasury Checks
  • Federal Reserve or Federal Home Loan Bank Checks
  • US Postal Money Orders
  • State or Local Government Checks if the acquirer (your location) is in the same state as the payer of the check.
  • Payroll Checks:
    • Must be written for $2,500 or less
    • Must be computer generated
    • Member must provide the corresponding paystub for the check – teller/MSR much match check number and stub number and verify net pay matches check amount.  Teller must write stub number in upper right hand corner of check once verified.

All other items or items that don’t meet the immediate qualifications should be coded local.  Payroll and business codes should not be used until the CO-OP Shared Branching Policies and Procedures are updated to outline what falls under these new codes.

When a member asks for cashback on their deposit, remember it is important to process the deposit allowing the member’s credit union to apply their hold policy, and then process a separate transaction to handle the cash withdrawal.

When asked to handle both transactions by a member, it will be good practice to let the member know that you will process the deposit; and, then based upon what is available you will process the withdrawal.  This is important since you do not know what the credit union’s hold policy is for transactions coded immediate or local, since immediate does not always mean immediate.

How do I handle a withdrawal for an account that shows a negative balance?

When a member is requesting to withdraw funds from their savings account but you notice their checking account has a negative balance – can you process their request?

The answer is: if the issuer credit union does not want your credit union to perform the transaction for this member, they would block the member so the transaction cannot be processed.

Anytime the acquirer credit union refuses service to a shared branching member, the issuer credit union must be notified in writing of the denial of service and provide details regarding the denial.

Issuers, if your credit union would like to prohibit members from accessing their accounts, please make sure you block those members’ accounts; or, work with your data processor to prohibit transactions on negative balance accounts. 


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