Welcome Washington Community FCU and Heinz Del-Monte FCU!

In June, we welcomed Washington Community FCU, Washington, PA, to the network as an issuer. Later in July we will also be welcoming Heinz Del-Monte FCU, Pittsburgh, PA, to the network as an issuer. Watch your e-mails for notification of the specific date.

For your convenience, below is the updated PaCUSC Contact Listing. 

Pennsylvania PaCUSC Contact Listing

Delaware PaCUSC Contact Listing

Training Tip: Choosing the Correct Issuer Name

Shared Branching acquirer credit unions are responsible for handling guest member transactions which requires authentication by the teller, including verifying the guest member’s photo ID, home credit union name, and their account number at their home credit union. With over 1,700 credit unions participating in the CO-OP Shared Branching network, many credit unions may have the same or similar names. It is important for credit union staff to ensure the correct credit union is being selected in these cases. We recommend in an instance when two or more credit union names appear when a teller is performing a shared branching transaction, that the teller should verify the state and location of the member’s home credit union. This will ensure accuracy when completing the transaction. Here are some examples of CUs with similar names:

Bellco FCU – Wyomissing, PA

Bellco CU – Denver, CO

Boeing Helicopters CU – Ridley Park, PA

BECU (Boeing Employees CU) – Seattle, WA

Erie Community CU – Erie, PA

Erie Community FCU – Sandusky, OH

Public Service FCU – Ft. Wayne, IN

Public Service CU – Denver, CO

Ukrainian Selfreliance FCU – Philadelphia, PA

Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan FCU – Warren, MI

Thank you for your assistance in providing a superior network, and please contact Sandy Shenk with any questions or concerns.

Sprig by CO-OP

Sprig by CO-OP is a mobile banking / virtual wallet product that CO-OP has opted in all credit unions currently on shared branching. If your credit union opted-out then your members will not be able to use the product. However, all credit unions will have the ability to accept deposits from transfers via Sprig. On June 16, 2014, all credit unions that did not opt out went live on the product. We encourage those credit unions to review the product to make sure you understand how it works. To assist your credit union with marketing this to your members, CO-OP has marketing material available on their website, http://www.systemaxsolutions.com/systemax-e-solutions/.

Plus we have the logo, lobby counter sign, and a newsletter article on the PaCUSC Marketing page to help your credit union http://www.pcua.org/About-Us/Affiliates/PaCUSC/Marketing-Support.aspx.

Shared Branching Transaction Research

When it comes to conducting research on transactions performed at a shared branch, whether the request is initiated by the member or another party, here are some items to keep in mind.

When a member is requesting a copy of the receipt or check copy from a transaction they performed at a shared branch, this should always start with the member’s credit union. The issuer credit union may then need to contact the acquirer credit union to obtain the information the member is requesting. This is important since the acquirer credit union is unable to view detail on the members account unless it is in the course of performing a transaction history print. Please make sure your front line staff is aware of this since they could be the ones who receive the initial request from the member.

If the member contacts the acquirer location first, they should do their best to help the member. However, keep in mind that they will need to contact the issuer credit union for assistance if the member does not know the details about the transaction.

Here is a good rule of thumb to follow. The issuer credit union is responsible for assisting their member, just like they would for any dispute or questionable item the member may have. The issuer credit union would then contact any other party involved to obtain the information for the member.

Updated PaCUSC Reference Manual Section

The Fee Matrix Explanation section of the Reference Manual has been updated due to the upcoming National Transaction Fee change that takes effect on July 1, 2014, as well as the addition of the Sprig pricing.

If you have any questions or need a copy, please contact Sandy Shenk.

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For questions about this newsletter or about shared branching, please contact Sandy Shenk, PaCUSC State Coordinator, 800-932-0661, Ext. 5267.