SEPTEMBER 19 & 20, 2013

Get ready to mix consumer trends, social media, innovation
and other ingredients for fresh credit union marketing

Serving up two days power-packed with ideas
are speakers Josh Allison, Kelley Parks, and Lisa Moore.

Josh Allison
Josh is the Founder and Chief Ideator for Think Café, a credit union consulting company committed to authenticity and relevance.

He is a passionate public speaker and has been invited to present on a number of topics related to youth outreach, relationship management and credit union philosophy. His youth and business development programs have garnered national awards, and he has been cited in Credit Union Times and multiple credit union blogs for his youth outreach and business development ideas.

Kelley Parks
Kelley Parks is the Creative Catalyst for gira{ph}, a creative marketing and branding firm that helps credit unions amplify their efforts to stand taller against their competition.

For nine years, Kelley served as the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Call Federal Credit Union in Richmond, VA. Her love for the credit union movement runs deep as she has been an active volunteer on a local and national level. She is an innovator and has been a member of the Filene Research Institute's i3 (Ideas, Innovation, and Implementation) Team.

Lisa Moore
Lisa began her career in credit unions at the ripe age of 15 as a teller and has experience in nearly every area - consumer lending, mortgage lending, call center, operations, and member service. (Even janitorial service, although that was short-lived since she nearly accidently blew up the’s a long story)

As Marketing Manager of Pioneer West Virginia Federal Credit Union, Lisa spearheaded an effort to completely differentiate the credit union from the inside out with new visuals, website, innovative marketing tactics, and most importantly, a new internal culture.

These creative thinkers will discuss the following topics:

  • New Consumer Marketing: From Shiny Plastic to Locally Grown
  • Beyond Silverware: Innovative Ideas You Can Put in Place Now
  • Millennial Mash-Up: New Strategies on Reaching Gen Y
  • Organic Member Growth Strategies Beyond Recruitment, Retention, and Relationship Management
  • What are your ingredients? It's time to Discover and Differentiate
  • Let's get Social: Taking Social Media to the Next Level

For complete information review the workshop brochure.

Breakout Sessions

New Consumer Marketing:
From Shiny Plastic to Locally Grown

More than 70 million Americans identify themselves as “New Consumers.” Defined less by traditional demographics and more by shared values, these savvy shoppers are twice as likely to try new things, share opinions online and reward (or punish) a brand based on its corporate practices. With the bad taste of Wall Street greed, bailouts, and scandals, the “New Consumers” are craving the sweet tasting ingredients of credit unions. Join us as we discuss the opportunities available to credit unions to reach this growing group of conscious consumers.

Beyond Silverware:
Innovative Ideas You Can Put in Place Now
During this session, we will share how to make the most of a marketing budget during these tough economic times by investing in differentiation combined with guerilla marketing as the secret weapons to develop your own super hero marketing powers. In this session, you'll discover how some simple low cost, out-of-the-box ideas can gain attention to get Results with a capital R.

Millenial Mash-Up:
New Strategies on Reaching Gen Y

A trendy brand is not enough. Youth today have watched more commercials, heard more advertising and have been exposed to more marketing than any generation before them. As a result, they chose who they listen to. During this session, you’ll learn proven and award-winning strategies for creating engaging and bridge-building content. Credit unions have a unique voice in the financial services industry and one that can resonate with today's youth. We’ll share a blueprint for creating relevant relationships with teens and young adults.

Organic Member Growth Strategies Beyond Recruitment, Retention, and Relationship Management
During this session, participants will examine best practices in new member recruitment, existing member retention and community creation. Prepare to think big, and think different about the obstacles we face and the solutions available to overcome them. It’s time to create relevant relationships, social currency, and trust with the communities we serve.

What Are Your Ingredients?
It’s Time to Discover and Differentiate

Branding includes all the emotions that people have about your credit union. And unfortunately, if you do not actively create and reinforce your brand image, your members will craft one for you. Now more than ever, credit unions have extra challenges from a limited staff, budgets, and resources. Having the discipline to stop being all things to all people, but instead doing amazing things to just the right people is the focus of this idea lab. You’ll walk away with some implementable ideas for your credit union on how to connect, engage, and build the right community for your members.

Let’s Get Social
Taking Social Media to the Next Level

The social media honeymoon is over. Countless credit unions have attempted to join the online conversation only to find that no one is interested. The hard reality is that posting press releases on a corporate blog or starting a Facebook page hasn't proven to garnish results. So, what does? It's time to get social! During this session you'll learn how to take social media to the next level from numerous examples inside and outside the industry.

$379 per attendee

$284 for credit union attendees under $30 million


Westin Annapolis
100 Westgate Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401
(reference PA Credit Union Association)

Room Block expires August 26, 2013

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