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Deluxe Detect

Real-Time, New Applicant Screening Solution

The Deluxe Detect® service represents the next generation in new applicant screening as it helps distinguish high-risk individuals from profitable consumers with the end goal of opening more good accounts and reducing costly write-offs. 

Deluxe Detect is an all inclusive New Applicant Screening Solution covering four major areas:

  1. ID Verification
  2. OFAC & Patriot Act Compliance
  3. Account Fraud
  4. Account Abuse

Deluxe Detect is easily implemented in financial institutions of all sizes and capable of being deployed across multiple branches and business units.

Why it’s Time for an Upgrade to Deluxe Detect

You will find that Deluxe Detect can deliver more value and better results for your investment by utilizing:

Configurable Business Logic.
A flexible decision engine lets you design a scoring strategy based on the level of risk your financial institution is willing to assume. Some of the industry’s most predictive data to verify identities. Using numerous public and proprietary data sources, Deluxe Detect looks for invalid, inconsistent or unusual elements of an individual’s identity to help confirm the applicant is who they say they are.

Compliance List Screening and Alerts.
Deluxe Detect helps fulfill key provisions of Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act by providing identity verification and screening against a list of government-designated suspicious individuals published by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).

Data-error Detection and Scrubbing.
The system automatically prompts users to make key-stroke error corrections and enter missing information to prevent false positives. Early Warning’s Trusted Custodian® business model. Utilizing a common platform, financial institutions contribute and share their most current fraud- and account-abuse data to the National Shared Database, maintained by Early Warning, on a daily basis.

Superior Data Integrity.
Information is maintained and safeguarded according to the National Shared Database Operating Rules approved by financial institutions. The Rules provide for the highest data integrity to decrease false positives, as well as govern the provision and use of information.

Financial Institution Collaboration and Revenue Sharing.
Your institution receives a financial benefit from Deluxe Detect when your contributed data helps another institution prevent a loss.

Real-time Customized Responses.
Institution specific decision messages can be customized for new-account representatives, based on the applicant score from Deluxe Detect.

Record Retention and Matching.
All new account inquiry records, including furnished data elements, inquiry responses and warnings are retained and automatically queried for any matches to newly contributed database records. In addition, known fraud records and accounts requiring special attention are identified and automatically stored.

Help you identify new member applicants with a prior history of fraud and/or account abuse with features like:

  • Configurable Business Logic
  • Predictive Data to Verify Identity
  • Compliance List Screening and Alerts
  • Data Error Detection and Scrubbing
  • Early Warning’s Trusted Custodian® Business Model
  • Financial Institution Collaboration and Revenue Sharing
  • Superior Data Integrity
  • Real-Time Customized Responses
  • Record Retention and Matching
  • Simple Implementation with No Technology Investment

Switching is easier than you may think.



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