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Marketing Support


Sprig Marketing Support

CO-OP has made available a newsletter article and poster to help credit unions inform members about the availability of Sprig.

CO-OP Shared Branch Branding Campaign

CO-OP Shared Branch is the brand for the national shared branching network.

The following graphic guidelines and logos are available for you to download.

CO-OP Shared Branch Usage Guide

SharedBranchLogo jpg format

SharedBranchLogo eps format

SharedBranchLogo png format

Mobile Phone Support

Credit unions can promote the availability of Shared Branching apps to help members locate a shared branch on most mobile phone Web browsers.  The app is available to Andriod users through the Play Store, and for iPhone users through iTunes.  Simply tell members to search for "Shared Branching".  There is no cost to download the app.

In addition, iPhone and iPad users may download a shared branching application at  There is no cost to download this app.

CO-OP Marketing Material

CO-OP has a Marketing Portal with marketing material from inserts to posters and so much more.  Your credit union will need to register to have access to the website - register for access at  Once you have received access, you will be able to log on to the website at to see the material available to your credit union.  If your credit union is part of the CO-OP ATM Network, you already have access to the CO-OP Marketing Material via their Extranet, so you will not need to log on at the above website - simply log on to the Marketing Portal ( with your existing logon.

Shared Branching Marketing Material

While customized marketing material is available through the CO-OP Marketing website, credit unions are encouraged to use any of the material listed below.  If any further assistance in sizing or format is required, please contact

Shared Branching Video

SynergentCorp has created a one-minute animated video for credit unions to promote shared branching to its members.  You may view the video on YouTube or watch the video here:



In addition, the Missouri Credit Union Association developed a 1:15 animated video that also explains shared branching, available on YouTube.


Newsletter Articles

Credit unions participating in Shared Branching may publish Newsletter Articles to help educate members on Shared Branching and related services.  Credit unions may update or edit Newsletter Articles as they see fit.  These include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)